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About Us has been in business for several years as an online pure play retail outlet and recently opened its first brick & mortar store. We choose our products specifically for survival and look to fill the core needs of survival.  We look to serve you with items that fulfill basic needs in categories such as Heat, Water, Food, Protection, Shelter and more.
We believe our current society is so dependent on technology, its supply chain, electricity, and modern day amenities that we have lost touch with the risk associated to not having these things.  The threat posed by this risk is significant and we work every day to bring awareness, product selection and the necessary knowledge to address. Our team is excited to help you become prepared with basic knowledge and necessities.
To this end, we have opened our first brick and mortar retail store in Paw Paw, MI and look to serve our local market in Paw Paw along with the nearby Southwest Michigan markets of Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids and I-94 interstate traffic from Chicago to Detroit. 
We also continue to expand into a true leader in all things survival.  We wish to bring a full omni-channel experience to the market with most items in our store being available online and for in-store pickup.
In addition, we wish to educate through our listings, videos and retail store a well-rounded approach to survival. If you have ideas, products to sell, or newsworthy additions, please do reach out to  We look forward to hearing from you!
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Cheers to Survival!