Survco Credit Card Axe



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Major Functions

Credit card multi-tools are nothing new, and even though they are quite useful, they can’t be used for a lot of things due to their compact size…UNLESS your credit card multi-tool happens to be the SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax.

This credit card multi-tool has over 20 functions, and the most notable and obvious one is its ability to be mounted on a handle and used as a tactical axe. By using a handful of zip-ties, rope, or wires and a wooden handle, you can firmly attach this tool in order to make an axe.

It is very easy to notice the arrow shaped cutout in the center of this tool which makes its second best use. Simply remove the arrowhead and attach in the same manner to a makeshift arrow shaft to get an arrow, or a longer stick to get a spear, both of which will be very useful in case you have to go hunting or fishing.

By attaching the arrowhead on the opposite side of the axe, you can create the tomahawk, a formidable and intimidating defensive weapon. Trust me; no one will go after stealing your stuff while you are wielding a tomahawk.

Minor Functions

That covers the major functions of this indispensable tool, but there are many minor ones which only boost its usefulness. It can be used as a knife, scraper, skinner, shovel, saw (thanks to the serrated edge), seat belt cutter, bottle opener, water valve wrench, gas valve wrench, nail puller, 1/4″ socket, 3/8″ socket, 7/16″ wrench and flat-head screwdriver. Now, that’s pretty impressive considering the fact that it fits into your wallet without a problem.

Made in USA from extremely durable 12 gauge 304 stainless steel. This little beast of a tool can find its use even in everyday life due to the large number of functions it has. It will not corrupt the credit cards you might keep in your wallet along with it and will not rust. Just handle it with care and don’t whip it out at a store by mistake.

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