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7 pcs Stainless Steel Canning Kit

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  • 【Canning Set 7 in 1 】Our home canning supplies set includes Steamer Rack,Canning Funnel,Jar Lifter,Jar Wrench,Lid Lifter,Tongs,Cleaning Brush/Bubble Remover Tool.Suitable for all beginners and professionals.
  • 【Canning Rack】Size: 11.4*11.4*1.96 inch.It made of stainless steel material,strong,durable and rust proof,dishwasher safe.Unique design fits any size canning jars mason jars.
  • 【Canning Jar Lifter】Canning Jar lifter is made of stainless steel and vinyl coating materials,high quality,sturdy and durable,comfortable handle and smooth hinge,non-slip,the contents are not easy to fall off,and easy to control.
  • 【Canning Wrench】Using the principle of leverage,You can easily open or close the lid.The bubble ejector can ensure that bubbles are not trapped in the jar.the plastic funnel can quickly pour the finished jam into the jar to avoid leakage.
  • 【Stainless steel Kitchen tongs】Avoid touching the jar with hands,making it more hygienic and safer.The magnetic lid lifter safely removes flat and slippery lids and bands that has been completely sterilized from hot water.